Welcome to our family! My deepest desire is to point others to Christ, who continues to dramatically changed me into His image. May God's glory be revealed through the ups and downs of our family.



I truly believe that the headquarters for The Navigators is in Narnia. What a blessing and pleasure to spend almost a week, being refreshed and trained in Colorado Springs! These pictures do not do justice to the beauty we saw. Glen Eryie is where these pictures are taken, the castle is a popular part of our property, and is next to the Garden of the Gods! Super cool!

Baptizing and Dedication

Hello again! I am thinking that I will be updating more often now... I miss sharing life in a journal format. I am unbelievably thankful that God switched us into the Navigator ministry. I have grown so very much, making the Word so much more a part of my life. I love walking with friends and students through life, praying scripture over them, and watching God work powerfully in their lives. What an honor! Anywho, this past month, God has blessed us to have the ability to dedicate Grace Naomi Graham to the Lord. We also received the priviledge to baptize Garrett ourselves. I have just a handful of times that have been that memorable and powerful in my life. I wish God's blessings on each of you!


Giving Birth

One of my truly favorite things in life is having a baby. I mean, literally, giving birth. Yes, it hurts, but the absolutely amazing miracle completely outweighs the pain. I love it, and would do it again, in a heartbeat. This past baby, Gracie, was by far my easiest labor. It shouldn't have been, she was measuring a week ahead for her head size, and I was worried she wouldn't make it out. Plus, she was my biggest baby. My water broke at 1pm, and she was born at 5:30. I pushed for 4 minutes! I still cannot believe it... She is so layed back and easy-going. Such a difference in comparison with the pregnancy, which was VERY hard. I included the picture my mom took when my water broke, right before Gracie entered to world, and our first couple pictures after she was born. What a miracle, and a perfect gift from God!!

The effects of homeschooling, ministry and a third baby

What are the effects? Not getting lots of things done! :) Sorry for the slow updating, here are some recent pictures of the family. I am really wondering how everything is supposed to get done... Homeschooling, ministry, family, household chores, quiet time, and exercise... Any thoughts anyone?


Ministry Happenings...

What a blessing this semester has been to us. We have had the honor of discipling several students, one of which is pictured with Todd. His name is Will, and he has been a joy to get to know. This young man felt God call him to rush a fraternity, just to share the gospel in a relevant, receivable way to his Pike brothers. Also pictured is my Freshman Bible Study. We have met weekly all semester, exploring Jesus' claims of who He is in the book of John. Next semester we will be studying Hebrews. Lastly, we held a workshop here in our home, entitled: God, Sex and Men. Over 50 women came, ate breakfast, and participated in the workshop. I spoke for over 30 minutes, beginning with how we gain truth in light of living in a Post Modern Culture. We explored how that affects our decision making, especially in the area of sex. Next, I taught on the Prodigal Son Story, looking at it through the lense of how the father incurs shame upon himself, just to reveal his overwhelming love for his two sons. In light of that, unless we understand God's heart for us, we will never trust Him. If we don't trust Him, we won't obey Him. I shared my testimony in detail, as well as the baggage that follows when we violate God's will for our lives. Lastly, I discussed different tools to use, both to heal and live a godly life when it comes to God, Sex and Men. What a wonderful morning. The Holy Spirit was on the move, and what a joy to watch the girls react to different parts of the talk, as the Spirit nudged them in just the areas needed. Go God!!!

Where did the last 4 months go to?

Life is moving at a lightening fast past now. We have visited my Aunt Doodle at her farm in Paris, IL, we have been to Destin, FL for Navigator training and three days of vacation. While there, we celebrated Halloween with the boys, Garrett was Buzz Lightyear and Joshua was the cutest pirate anyone has ever seen. Thanksgiving has happened, the picture is of the boys with their cousins, and then the last is our family Christmas photo. Whew! Sorry for the lack of updates. I will give a better go at keeping this updated!! Blessings to all! Tami