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JELL-O at its finest!

We just went to Children's Hospital this past Monday. On Super Bowl Sunday, Joshua developed a condition called "trigger finger". Both of his thumbs are stuck, yes, stuck. His left thumb is stuck bent down (the first joint closest to the tip) and the right thumb is stuck straight, unable to bend. I am still blown away that Joshua, a two and a half year old, is having surgery. What an overachiever! He has been to the Emergency Room over five times, all before he was fifteen months old. Now, anesthesia, stitches, the whole nine yards! What is worse, how do I explain to him that when he wakes up on the 19th, we all get to eat breakfast, but he gets jello. My two year old is going to be really angry when he realizes no food after 8:30 am!

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Lexi O'Connor said...

poor little guy! Will he be staying overnight or is it outpatient? We will be praying for him on the 19th (and you guys)..let me know if you need help (meals, someone to watch Garrett,etc) I'm happy to help:)