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85% and chugging!

Well, we are at 85%, and four weeks till our finish date. One of our v. p.'s did share that they will allow us to go past our date (January 10, 2009) to keep support raising, but we are praying (feel free to join us) that God will finish us up by the 10th. I am starting to think of it like a pregnancy due date. I never past mine, but I can only imagine how incredibly hard it would be. I know we will finish, and part of me wants to finish now, and part of me doesn't. Finishing equates to moving from every family member and friend I know. Finishing means starting this amazing adventure that God has been preparing our hearts for, for 2+ years... Finishing means leaping and waiting for God to give us wings. The picture shows us at the Christian Business Networking Day at the Vineyard Community Church. What a blessing it has been!

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ellenjane said...

Tami, I so enjoyed our conversation on Sunday. I'm praying for you guys!