Welcome to our family! My deepest desire is to point others to Christ, who continues to dramatically changed me into His image. May God's glory be revealed through the ups and downs of our family.


Is anyone else sick out there? Garrett is barely eating, and Joshua threw up last night in bed, and again this morning on our rug... Joshua is barely eating, which is fine since his stomach isn't happy... What is this bug? YUCK!


Tiffany said...

Yes, I can feel your pain. In the middle of the night on Tuesday, Avery woke up puking. She literally did not leave the couch yesterday but seems so much better today. It was a short-lived bug, I hope it is the same for you! Sick kids are so pitiful!

Kim said...

Hey, I'll take vomitting once or twice and the not eating! When our family had it weeks ago, it was coming out every hour all night long from either or both ends! YUCK! Hope all are healthy now!